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Tempest Admin Rules and Commands

Postby GUARD!AN on Sun May 31, 2009 1:32 pm

I am posting this publicly so everyone can see it, admins and victims alike.

Before anyone dares pull up their console and logs into admin, you better have read and understand all of these rules. I take full responsibility for the confusion as to when and where to yews admin so far, so I am going to walk everyone through how to yews each command, and when to yews them.

I am also going to reiterate the theme of warning, then forceteam, then kick. You always warn offenders first if they are laming, then if they don't listen, you forceteam them to their own team, to essentially make them self kill. If they continue to lame, kick them. Give them a chance to play a little bit more if they come back, but if they go lame again, jump straight to kicking, and keep kicking them from then on.

You never yews your admin powers for the sake of it, and NEVER to prove a point. If you are becoming too emotionally affected by a player in the server, log out of admin, and go do something in real life, maybe read a book or hang out with friends, this is only a star wars game for fuck's sake.

General Admin Rules:
1. If there is a Padawan laming, do your best to identify which one it is (see /amstatus below), but if it is too difficult, feel free to just kick all of them, it is the price of using the default name.
2. If someone is about to codes lame/already lamed the codes, feel free to kick him/her right away, as codes lamers generally know what they are doing. Also keep in mind, that just because someone is retreating and may go into data room, is not evidence enough to kick them. You must see it with your own eyes in spec, them going up and trying to lame the codes.

As an admin you can now see when people talk to the admins using the command /amsay. Admins can privately chat with eachother by using this new channel, just do /amsay message.


/amlogin <password> - replace "<password>" with whatever password I have given you, no matter what level of admin it is, to login to the admin system.

/aminfo - this command pulls up every possible action and admin command that your level of admin is allowed to execute. It is fairly straightforward, so before you ask me who has what power, take the 5 seconds to type in that command into your console after you have logged in.

/amstatus - this is perhaps the most important command you have, as it lists every person in the server, and their unique client ID. This client ID can be used when using the kick/forceteam/silence/etc commands instead of player names.

/amshowmotd <player name or ID> - this command allows you to show the "message of the day" to the player. Right now the motd doesn't say much, but I will keep you updated if I do actually make it have the rules or something.

/amvstr restart - this command allows you to restart the map. It is generally only recommended to regularly restart the map within the first minute of play, unless otherwise specifically requested for by many people. If a round is lamed, only restart if there is substantial amount of time left (8 or more minutes, AND make sure to ask the general population if they are cool with it) or if an overwhelmingly amount of people request it in general. (1 or 2 people asking for it IS NOT an "overwhelming amount").
Also, just because you have loaded the map, doesn't mean everyone else has. Wait for almost everyone to have loaded the map before restarting it.

/amforceteam <player name or ID> <team color or ID> - yews this command either as the first admin action taken on a lamer (for example, if tensor is on defense and laming the elevator, do /amforceteam tens b) or to move bots to spec if they are throwing off the team balance (/amforceteam reborn boss s).

/amsilence <player name or ID> - perhaps the most controversial command right now, since we don't have any actual language filters or rules, should be one of the lesser used commands in your arsenal. The only time you should yews /amsilence is when a player is being unreasonably disrespectful. disrespect being defined as racism or bigotry for the most part. You can not silence a player just because he or she annoys you, or even if that person annoys the rest of the server.

/ampsay <player ID/number OR "-1" to broadcast to everyone> <message> - yews this command to broadcast important messages to the server. yews this very sparingly, people do not like stuff covering their screen while they are trying to fight. The only times you really need to yews this is if people are complaining of lag, tell them to do /rate 26500 and /snaps 40 or to tell multiple people more efficiently to stop laming. God help you if I ever see you spamming retarded messages to everyone. I think I saw one lick keep ampsaying to me "You Killed <Random lick> member".

/amrename <player name or ID> <new name> - Very few people have this command, because it is not really necessary, as there are no rules regarding innappropriate names. The only time I would imagine anyone needing to yews this is if there was an imposter on the server.

/amlockteam <team color or ID> - Very few few people also have access to this command, because it isn't really needed. We don't do those rS vs alls or whatever. It just annoys regular pubbers and causes unnecessary stax. The only time I can think of anyone needing to yews this is perhaps to manipulate the bots somehow.

/ammap <map name> - Very few people also have this ability, because it should never be used. The server has a map rotation for a reason.

/amban <player name or ID> - Only me and tensor are allowed to ban people. I know there are a lot of people that need banning, but too bad. Siege is a dying game and we don't need to start banning everyone from it, even if it means a few extra lamed rounds.

Before anyone asks me to be considered for admin, you better have read this. I am going to ask you a question on this material, AND we are going to go to tempest and I will break a few rules on purpose and see how you handle yourself.

1. guarding; protecting: a guardian deity.
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