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Impulse Information and Rules

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:04 am
Server IP -
Password - "pugtime"

Impulse was meant to be a pug server, but anyone or group of people are welcome to join the server, whether it be to hangout or train or even yews it for a siege match/scrim.

Although it may appear to have a mod, all it actually does is allow spec chat, black names, and gets rid of pushax (when a det or other projectile goes directly back at the origin, instead of a random direction). There are no actual gameplay or damage changes or anything.

Rules of Impulse:

1. Do not join live games (just ask before joining, it's not that hard)
2. Do not lame live games (elevator lame, bridge lame, codes lame, cc lame, anything that will significantly slow down or speed up gameplay..for more on definitions of various laming see Tempest Rules)
3. Do not crash the server purposefully, through any of your various means.

A live game is defined as any siege round currently in progress. Sometimes people play with uneven or stacked teams. Do not assume just because it is 5 v 3 or because Wufei and Tensor are on the same team that you can just join.

You will notice there really aren't many rules, most of the time they are defined by the group playing there, these are just the universal rules no matter who is playing. There are also only 2 active admins to this server. This is because voting is enabled. Democracy is quite a wonderful thing. If someone joins a live game, don't cry for admins unless they are repeat offenders, just call a vote kick. If you want a different map, don't cry to an admin to change it for you, call a vote.

If your vote doesn't get passed, sucks for you. The republicans are finding ways to deal with the balance of power in the government right now, you can find a way to deal with it if the people you are playing with don't want to go to Korriban.

Impulse has been around since January 2007, have fun and enjoy the longest standing pug server in siege. Feel free to report crashes or suggestions in this forum.

Re: Impulse Information and Rules

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:08 am
Updated the IP finally :)