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Generic aƒr`O videos

Postby aƒrÒ on Fri May 29, 2009 3:44 pm

here's it to all the aƒr`O lifestyle, culture and fashion lovers!(funk and groove)
everyone with a sense for good taste and style will love each one of these.
I will continue updating this thread (even if no one seems to like it)

oh and maybe a little something for those who are interested,especially important is the part about the "origin of funk"!(that's right a lot of ppl yews the word in the wrong way, not beeing aware of what it actually means, stfu!):

Parliament Funkadelic - Red Hot Mamma

The Blackbirds - rock creek park ... re=related

The Commodores - the bump

Parliamen Funkadelic - Bop Gun(Enadangered Species)

Parliamen Funkadelic - Dr. Funkenstein

Average White Band - cut the cake (klick on preview play of the song) ... The-Cake-/
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