Keramod Update Thread

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Keramod Update Thread

Postby Kerafym on Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:41 pm

Current bugfixes:
"Push/Deflect" Hax Fixxed
Slot 0 fixxed
jan cans @ CFL_EXTRA_AMMO issues resolved
Callvote Gametype is now working properly
No more EOF crashes with multiple siege maps (Unless you somehow find like 100 to upload :X)
Invisible Lame & Invincible Walker lames fixxed.
Buffer overflow crashes fixxed.
Q3Fill prevention implemented.

Known Bugs: None.

If you notice any new bugs please report them in this section. If you want to see something new implemented, here would also be the place to post, however don't get your hopes up. My goal has always been to provide as close to a base environment as possible, I just wanted to fix a few issues.
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