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KTR 1.72 (probably final)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:39 am
by aradorasxeon

We have finally arrived to this day.
Everything is working fine. (Except the rancor won't attack you in the at-st, but that's not my fault).
There are just a few changes since 1.72, like the canteen has a table now, datapad appears on the mini map (Thank you j3rk;)). There is a computer at the control center, so defenders can hide behind it (that's the only one which is breakable). From now on jan can heal the generator.

It's uploaded to Impulse, so Guard please delete the other one.

If Magyk gonna redraw the obj map or something I am eager to make an 1.73, but it probably won't need to be downloaded, or while we are testing and we meet some bug I will patch it, or if you guys think 20 mins is too impossible to defend the map I can decrease it.

I hope you will enjoy it. Have Fun!