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Improved Cargo

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:59 pm
by Duo
Hoth2 has proven to be very successful and popular, so I thought about doing something similar for Cargo.

What would you change to improve Cargo? (inb4 "everything")

Re: Improved Cargo

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:39 am
by Duo
My ideas:

Widen/enlarge all the corridors/chokepoints/doors throughout the map.
Give O reborn boss saber block against disruptor.
Reduce overpowered D lando HP to 50 HP.
Make vents large enough to stand up/run through.
Remove the usage limits for shield and ammo generators.

1st obj:
I don't think it needs any changes, aside from general widening/enlarging.

2nd obj:
Add a second door for offense at 2nd obj so Turkey doesn't just fire 900 rockets into the doorway every spawn.
Slightly reduce hack time, or make it (slightly) harder for defenders to kill hacking O jan. Currently, defense has to basically all be maxed for jan to hack, which sucks.
Extend platform above the main entrance to be flush with the wall. This will prevent wookiee trick, and more importantly, will prevent faggots from sitting up there dropping detpacks down onto you.
Remove the shitty breakable floor sections, or at least make them pre-broken.

Station 1:
Get rid of station 1 entirely. It's impossible to defend and completely pointless.

Station 2:
Change station 1 into some sort of alternate (vent?) route to the D big hallway outside of station 2. Currently, defense just has to defend the midget tubes, which is very easy and shitty, and the hack vent, which takes 15 hours to get through and is really far away.
Station 2 gameplay needs more complexity inside the station itself, also, and it needs to be more difficult/complex to camp. Currently, the gameplay just involves just repeatedly dropping in and firing many shots as you can before the defender camping in there kills you (extremely quick death most of the time, way too easy to camp).
Maybe instead of one 1000 HP console, there could be four 250 HP consoles.
Maybe D should spawn a little farther away.

"Reach the CC" obj:
This obj sucks balls if you don't successfully rush it. It could mostly be fixed by fixing the stations corridors, etc, though.
Maybe remove the jumppad in the air duct, so that you can go through there on offense.

Final obj:
Move D spawn away from the chokepoint door. It's shitty for defense to spawn right behind the door, but have offense spawn 17 lightyears away.
There needs to be an alternate route or a vent. Even after enlarging the corridors, just having one route/chokepoint is shitty.
Just remove the codes item entirely. Make it simply a "reach the goal" objective, like Hoth hangar -- you complete it simply by running to the goal(no item). Having a codes item sucks for such a large obj, especially when there are two routes for offense(impossible for O guys on other side to touch) and especially when the codes spawn inside the offense spawn already.
Or, just make the codes return timer longer. Like 45 seconds.

Re: Improved Cargo

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:07 pm
by Magyk
Duo wrote:Remove the shitty breakable floor sections, or at least make them pre-broken.

These should stay.

If you're actually still tricked by these you deserve to fall and be laughed at by everyone.

Re: Improved Cargo

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:47 am
by Duo
Got some work done on this, and a few more ideas. It's interesting how flawed this map is when you look at it closely. Oink had some good ideas, but this map needed a lot more testing and tweaking, because pretty much everything is broken in some way. Also IMO, the fact that he never updated it even once means it's fair game to criticize the fuck out of it.

The last obj really needs to be remade entirely. Current idea: defense will spawn near the X-wing; offense will spawn near the first obj hack. Basically, instead of having to cross the entire map, it's now simply a backwards version of the first objective.

Without the station 1 objective and without the original final objective, I might remove the station 1 area and air shaft entirely, as it serves no purpose whatsoever. In its place, I might add some sort of alternate route, but it won't look anything remotely like the original station 1.

The hack stuff needs to be tweaked, also. For one, it's too hard for defense to defend the vent hack. Either the hack needs to be moved to a more defendable spot, or defense needs a better route into the vent area. I'm also tempted to permanently unlock the shaft bypass and remove the hack, because it's kind of shitty to only have one route into the main hallway until you hack open the shaft bypass.

Here's a preview of the enlarged midget tube area (click):

Re: Improved Cargo

PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:31 am
by Duo
97% finished with this. Tested it a bit with Jawa today and it seems pretty good. Just need to do some final fixes for lighting and icons.

Re: Improved Cargo

PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:48 am
by Laser
My assignments are finished by next week. Looking forward to playing this