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ATTN: Lugormod jerks

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:55 am
by Sith
Sith wrote:

Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:42 am
by pete

Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:47 am
by Jakub_Pogorzelski14
Traditionally, the phrase too long; didn't read (abbreviated tl;dr or simply tldr) has been used on the Internet as a reply to an excessively long statement. It indicates that the reader did not actually read the statement due to its undue length. This essay especially considers the term as used in Wikipedia discussions, and examines methods of fixing the problem when found in article content.

As a label, it is sometimes used as a tactic to thwart the kinds of discussion which are essential in collaborative editing. On the other hand, tl;dr may represent a shorthand acknowledgement of time saved by skimming over or skipping repetitive or poorly written material. Thus, the implication of the symbol can range from a brilliant and informative disquisition being given up due to a reader's lack of endurance, interest, or intelligence, to a clustered composition of such utter failure to communicate that it has left the capable reader with a headache; judging this range is very subjective.

Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:54 am
by Sith
Sith wrote:

Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:04 pm
by Jakub_Pogorzelski14
into space


Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:37 pm
by schrute
(no flame)

Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:41 pm
by Laser
why is this on a siege forum? Isn't there a separate website for lugormod weirdos?

Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:46 pm
by Sith
Sith wrote:

Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:45 pm
by Jakub_Pogorzelski14
ATTN: Lugormod faggots

Why do you think you have the moral right to call us faggots? Is homosexuality is a sin? An abomination? Or perhaps do you not believe in a greater being watching over us and dictating us what's wrong and what's right?

Homosexuality is as natural as one thing can be; it's spread among both people and animals. Do you think animals would be capable of sinning? There has been a debate for quite a while, whetheranimals have souls or not; but it does not answer a fundamental question - how does having a soul matter? What is a soul? If they do not have a soul, can they sin unconsciously? Is sinning unconsciously still sinning? The world is constructed in a truly weird way; when you try to answer one question, you raise yet another. But is this not how the mankind has developed? By asking questions and setting further goals? By being curious?

I think it's perfectly normal to be homosexual. Is there anything wrong about a consensual relationship of two adults? Does anyone get hurt? I believe people have the right to be happy, that it's the highest and most noble goal; I don't believe in utilitarianism, it's a bullshit view; why would I care about what happens in the new few centuries, when I'm long dead? Why would I work for the good of the mankind that hates me for being different? Isn't everyone different? There's no such thing as 'normality' between people. It's a set of certain patterns and behaviours you are expected to follow. Can we be ourselves at all? Can we embrace our lives and who we are? Everyone will meet their inevitable end, sooner or later, so let's live on while we still can. I do not believe that you should enforce your twisted views upon homosexuals. Looks like you shot your own foot here. Due to your blatant thread title, I highly doubt anyone sane can take you seriously.

You are not allowed to play the pugs on our server.

And who is going to stop me from enjoying my time with fellow siege puggers? You've turned on them long ago, back in the times of permanent spectatorship and it went to the point where you can no longer pull wool over eyes; I speak with the passion that goes unfollowed, with a voice that goes unheard, yet I swear that I will make the deaf hear, make the blind see and make the dull understand.

It's ok though, you can go find a random russian pub server and play with noobs, I think your skills will fit together.

Ah, "noob", what a judging, pejorative term. Have you forgotten who you were 13 years ago, when you started your adventure with "Star Wars: reborn boss Knight reborn boss Academy"? Our skills fit together, indeed. The process of teaching is mutual; when you teach, you also learn and when you learn, you also teach. We will teach the new comers and we will complement each other.

All of you are fucking bad, since I play siege (enough long) I would say you're the worst siege players in JKA history. I was impressed with that you know how to bind <key> kill, nothing more.
The range of our abilities is huge. We are experts at strafing, lmd ff, ja+ ff, guns and ctf. Yet our intention was to help you revive the dead low ceiling gametype you call home, but you dared to mock our help; some of us code for a living, therefore implying we would be incapable of binding kill to a key is as insulting as stupid.And then you said "bad". Hah. You are getting really subjective. A bad thing for you can be good for someone else; not every seemingly good act is truly good, and not every bad act is bad. It depends on your perspective. People differ, they perceive things in different manner. You can't call something or someone bad and expect everyone to agree with you, simply because YOU do not have the power to force it upon

Bob are you really that scared of not using a proxy?

Aren't our internet personalities proxies of what we are in real life? Doesn't the "virtual world" separate the mind from the body? I have refered to it in one of the earlier paragraphs, when I said that people are expected to be everyone but themselves; it seems that only here, on the internet, we can be truly ourselves. We will still be judged, indeed, but we remain anonymous, to a certain extent. We are less prone to care about how we are perceived here, because everyone is equal and the consequences of our actions bring lesser impact.

But what does it mean to be scared? To feel fear? Only reasonable and smart people are capable of feeling fear; they say the line between bravery and recklessness is narrow, but I dare to disagree. Being brave is know what to fear, yet fight it. It is to think and calculate the consequences, and what can one say about recklessness? To make decisions under the influence of emotions or being narrow minded? I will let you reflect upon this.

Your lugormod community is a full of fucking noobs (example: serbip1, pete) who can't play against better opponents. All of you must have noob life if you have nothing to do then trolling on our server, you are all incredibly immature.

Is it good to judge people you hardly know? Who is serbip? Who is pete? Can you tell us anything about their private lives, hobbies, family, patterns, behaviours, favourite memes? Doesn't everyone test themselves against better opponents? We seek the challenge, aye, and this is why we took at look at siege; we expected to meet strong warriors, but instead we were greeted by people hiding behind admin commands. Isn't it the definition of immaturity? To hide in a "First Person Shooter" game?

Pretty sure I can 1v4 your shitty asses and everyone would pick tensor's bot (I don't want to
offend tensor's bot) over you anyday.

I've never spoken idly in my life, not even once. A culture's teaching, and most importantly, the nature of its people, achieve definition in conflict. They find themselves... or find themselves lacking. I'm willing to prove that I believe in what I say and what I do. We accept the challenge to "1v4" you on both "Siege" and "Lugormod". Give us time and place, and we shall send our 4 champions to battle you in a trial by combat.

We'll always have better players, servers and a better community. So get over yourself.

You've used a subjective word to define the quality of our community. Again. I think that facts matter; if we compare "-Elysium-Pug!" and "EU Lugormod" on "GameTracker", then we will see that "EU Lugormod"'s rank varies from 2nd to 3rd and "-Elysium-Pug!" is 60th at this very moment.

I'll post this text everywhere: @lucasarts, @steamcommunity. I'll send it also to NASA and tell them to transmit a message up into space. So maybe even UFO will receive this message too.

Very well. Let the people hear us speak. You mentioned UFO, didn't you? Perhaps you believe in supernatural after all. It gives me a more clear point on our "homosexualism" debate. I'm slowly analyzing your patterns, and I can tell that you are not who you think you are, you are no "Sith", you are just a lost soul in the world who clings to certain values, and who lacks his own place. Is this because you are different as well? Speak it out.

Sorry but you lugormod faggots are such a bunch of dicks. ---> I like this quote.

I was hoping for a more civilized discussion, but I'm not offended; I understand you are upset, because despite you hardly knowing us, you subconsciously realize our superiority, yet, you refuse to accept it. Aren't we here for you, to help you? I'm convinced we can resolve this matter together.

Go fuck yourself and just quit trolling on our server.

Do you despise the act you called "fucking yourself", more commonly known as masturbation? Is there any "Mrs.Sith"? Or is there a part of you that also subconsciously hates your very own self for commiting this act? I'm inclined to believe that desperate times call for drastic measures.

This is an example how bad server and people they have:
v=2_3nY4k2mdI&t=5s. I'm pretty sure OJP intelligence bots could beat them.

So it has come down to this? A "demo" of 16 lugormod players enjoying their very first time on siege? Does the fact that 16 lugormod newcomers play siege bother you? The hardcore skillful puggers can barely do "3s"? Hah.

No more tolerance for you lugormod faggots.

You don't have to tolerate us. You have my word. After all, I would be a hypocrite if I tried to force any of my views upon you...

Re: ATTN: Lugormod faggots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 6:20 pm
by Sith
Sith wrote: