Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

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Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby Magyk on Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:25 pm

Added everyone's favorite terms from recent years, including all the Crutch Slaves, Xeon Shields, and Ramshi Rockets you can handle!

Siege Dictionary 2014
(saved from 2008/09 and re-formatted with love :))
Last Updated: 1/20/14

Killing the entire other team and doing the taunt. Note: if you don't do the taunt, it's not an ace.

Afroing It
Making horrendous typos.
Getting killed on a lift by standing under the part that sticks out over your head as it comes up.

Althrooning It
Speccing and rejoining when you die.
Originated from Althroon, who was the first one to really whore this out and did it every single time he died in pre-game, though it now applies to live games as well.

Anubing It
Ragequitting the entire internet for good, while throwing a tantrum and letting the door hit you on the way out.

Archiing It
Flooding/spamming spawn doors with mines on Hoth offence.
Bonus if you actually kill someone.

Archi Shield
Placing a shield in the codes room between the codes and door.

Pompous ‘I killed you whilst you were jumping’ taunt.

Arox Defense / Aroxing It
Sideswiping against or on top of an objective. Classically, the gates on Korri.

Auto D/Auto Defense
A player who plays defense both rounds, usually because of an uneven number or players or to avoid stacking teams.

Avenging It
Going BRB or AFK for a stupid and/or bizarre reason:
"brb, shirt's done in dryer"
"afk, dad fell off ladder"

Bendaa Pug
A pug with retarded teams caused by one of the caps being a European and picking shitty Europeans over good N. Americans.

A pug with retarded teams caused by at least one of the caps being a BFA clan member and picking all their clan-mates over better players.
Now obsolete

BFA Shield
What BFAs call a Tensor shield.

Breeze Pug
A pug with retarded teams caused by one of the caps being a noob and not knowing who to pick.

Bossing It / Boss Mode
Playing lando and refusing to change class, even when you're failing at it and your entire team is telling you to get off lando.

Calibre/Caliber System
An irrelevant method of judging players. This system is for comedy purposes and should not be taken seriously.

The ammo containers that jans drop.

Captain - one who picks teams in a pug.

Ceasar Teams
When someone forms the worst teams possible, despite the recommendations of others in the server.

Ceasar Mode/Ceasaring It
Trolling about not having basic know-how to do simple things. (See also: Ramshing It)
Saying something really stupid. ("How do I put maps in base?" or "How can I be a wallhacker if I hardly get any airs?")

Ceasar Live
During a not live game someone is seriously attempting to complete objectives or kill enemies the round is determined to be Ceasar Live.
Player 1: lol this round isn't live, why is that guy being such a tryhard?
Player 2: this round is ceasar live bro

Short for ‘command centre’.

Chew Mode
Criticizing people for using modern tactics that everyone does.

Wufei nickname
snowtrooper killing shield-generator with E-Web, whether in caves, on top of bunker, or hiding on near side of bunker.
Sometimes used for offence reborn boss hiding outside bunker to max the tesh as the enemy team spawns and exits.
reborn boss on hoth defence camping on particular spot to push sith on offense who attempt to jump across or just hop while carrying codes on the 4th objective.

Chink Jump
Roll off top of inside bunker at codes for fast boost to codes console.

Chink Roll
Getting out of ATST on top and rolling down to get across the ravine at shield-generator bridge.

Chinking It / Chink Mode
Staying back near any objective to make heroic saves while the rest of your team has to play down a man.

Crutch Slave
A clutch save.

E-Web Kill
Selfkilling with your E-Web out to kill someone with its splash damage.

Demoning It / Demon Mode
Taking the lift up when someone else is about to get to it.

Destroying The Game
Raping the ATST at spawn.
Derived from the fact that when you rape the ATST at spawn, it completely stops (destroys) the game for a while. Especially if you left it at 1 hp and/or it's the 1st objective.

DJ Jump
Jumping underneath the hangar ramps as reborn boss to boost yourself towards the elevator.

Dollaring It
Getting 100 armor.
Bonus points if you do it every spawn; i.e., you refuse to play the video game unless you have 200 hp.

Dragoning It
Crashing/Disconnecting repeatedly on Nar Shadda due to computer issues.
Selfkilling half a second late, missing the spawn.

Getting pullthrown by a pullthrow whore.

Duoing It
Standing at top of lift to infirmary and shooting down trips or rockets.
Divulging erroneous information in vent to fool your enemies who are also in vent. (e.g. "shit I'm maxed" "why is yo retreating to the codes?")

Duo RQ
Changing name at the end of a match you have lost.

Elkoning / Elkon’d It / Elkoning It
Spamming explosives by aiming up and right clicking as fast as possible.
Bonus points if both of you die from spamming.

Declaring the impulse server is not a zombie server.

The rancor on Korriban and Desert.

Guardianing It
Randomly going AFK for like 4 hours. Bonus points if you simply said "brb" beforehand. Or nothing at all.

Getting in the ATST when it was declared that somebody else was going to drive.
Originated from Yo, who said he "only plays Korri," jacking the ATST from Guard.
"wtf someone jacked my walker"

Pompous 'I shot your head and you died' taunt.
Something a lick member might say.

Heroic Shield
A shield at the door closest to the o spawn.
One of the single most annoying things to do in all of siege.

Short for ‘incoming’.

Jakabing It / Jakab Mode
On defence, playing too far to the front to stop someone who just runs by you to do the objective.

Jawaing It
Making a Hoth defence team lose by playing Lando lando at inappropriate times like ATST, codes etc.

Kain Mode
Having a negative score. (see also: Super Kain Mode)

Kera Jump
Jumping into the ATST right when it spawns to avoid being shocked out.

Kera RS
Any unnecessary restart, usually because someone on your team fucked up:
"rs and break my fucking glass next time"

Killz Shield
A shield placed out in the open for the sole purpose of defending yourself from a single enemy one time.

Laser Defence
Defending deep and not helping the team, but getting saves.
Usually at codes bunker.

Laser Mode/Lasering It
Somehow turning every topic\conversation into a soccer discussion.

A siege match that is in progress.

The way between the infirmary and command centre that consists of going up the small lift and traveling through the tunnels.

Lording the door
Spamming rockets into the midget door on Hoth.

Lording It
Going "AFK" and then preceding to comment on games from spectate.

Kamikaze spamming.

Mex Shield
A shield placed right in front of the shield generator.
Accomplished by launching a tesh up there.

Mike'ing It/Mike Mode
Losing connection a lot of times during games.
Somehow managing to make any topic regardless how innocent it is to be about furry/scaly discussions.

Anyone who Wafflz / Duo / Kera doesn’t like at the moment.

Sneaking past enemies and/or catching them off guard and getting an objective while they are still alive.
Bonus points if done as a gunner or as a reborn boss and without mind trick.

Noob Shield
A shield cut short by someone standing next to it when it was placed.

Noob Filtered
Being kicked from the server for not having a custom map.
"smh. Ceasar got noob filtered because he can't put maps in his base."

Not Live
A siege match that is not actually in progress. A not live round is usually, but not always, followed by a Kera Restart.

Nub Mode
Stalking entire communities.
Creating long forum posts that none or few people actually bother reading.

Nubbing it
Raqequitting the internet

Omni Shield
A fucked up shield - sideways or really short.
Same as Noob Shield.

One who mases pugs. Originally Vail, formerly Magyk, currently Ceasar. (See also: 2s maser)

Anger over events that transpired in-game.
RG/Rage Quit is the most popular. More often than not, people are not actually rage quitting though.

Ragequitting The Internet
Disconnecting from the internet in a rage in every possible way: quitting the game, getting off Vent, and signing out of Xfire.
Reserved for only the ragest of rages.

Ramshing It
Not having basic know-how to accomplish a simple task. Unlike Ceasaring it, this is not a form of trolling. (eg: "How do I post a .gif?")

Ramshi Rocket
Shooting a rocket into the ground before immediately exiting the walker and killing yourself.

Short for ‘restart’
Current siege clan (Reviving Siege).

The way between the door in the Hoth infirmary (protected by locked door box that needs to be destroyed) followed by the lift, heading into the command centre.

Short for ‘self-kill’ – aka - /kill

Spawn Kill
Killing someone at their spawn in a legit way.

Spawn Lame
Killing someone at their spawn in an illegal way.
Spawn Lame and Spawn Kill are often interchangeable.

Totally going kamikaze and running in a fire-fight with either a grenade or blaster.

One team is far more adept at the game than the other, resulting in either quick offences and long defences.
Or visa versa.

Super Kain Mode
Being at Kain Mode while on offence.

Tebowing It:
Winning a capt duel in come-from-behind fashion and crouching(Tebowing) afterward. If you don't crouch it's not a Tebow.

Team Terams
The siege team of Kane, Magyk, and Mike.

When Kane, Magyk, and Mike combine to kill the entire team and do the taunt.

Tenchuing It
Meleeing someone while going up the hangar lift. Usually as a defence tesh.

Tensoring It
Jumping out of the walker while in the canyon, landing on the other side.
Leaving after the crystals objective on Korriban.

Tensor Rage Mode
Joining a server for no apparent reason other than to try to kill an ongoing pug.

Tensor Shield
A shield under the bridge at Hoth that prevents the walker from going across, but cannot be shot at close range by the walker.

Tomadoxing It
Starting a round of siege before immediately taking a phone call going AFK for 30 minutes.

Turkey Air
An "air" that is actually a wall shot that someone happened to jump into rather than simply getting walled by it.

Turkeying It / Turkey Mode
Not trying in a game or going ragespec because you think the teams are stacked.

Turkey Defense
Trying to play defensive chewie and failing/spamming rockets, because you aren't the real Turkey.

Xeon Shield
Shielding the shuttle ramp on Nar Shaddaa's last objective. Usually fails.

Yo Rocket
Firing a single rocket at the midget door on Hoth.

Game type where one zombie kills civilians, rendering killed civilians as zombies.
Last to survive wins.

2s Maser
One who often tries to mase pugs, but only mases 2s. (See also: pug maser)
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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby Caesar on Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:11 pm

saw this coming, but nice to have it updated
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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby aradorasxeon on Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:22 pm

Woah, I am finally famous! :D :D :D Also thanks for putting this together I was too lazy to read the original post.
Also you missed tomadoxing it, when you start the pug and a minute later you are gone for a 30 mins phone call, or just simply getting called on the phone a lot when in game (usually when live).

2014.05.05. Thanks for al the fun!

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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby Blackout on Mon Jan 20, 2014 3:23 pm

Eleving it - asking if throwing one mine is spam at the start of every game before spamming the entire round or just being bad at everything. (please ban elev)
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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby Laser on Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:53 pm

I approve, although most of these terms aren't used anymore.
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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby Turquoise Dragon on Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:49 pm

Greatly approve mine, though I think 'dragon mine' - putting a mine in the droid head should be added. Though more people are doing that now, so dunno.
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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby AmericanFool on Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:31 pm

Well done, here are a couple more I'd put up for debate.

Modern Ace: Killing the entire opposition before the spawn in a 2v2 or 3v3, and both taunting and declaring "ace" in chat. Not to be confused with meaningful aces.

Ramshi Ace: Killing the entire opposition team before the spawn, but dying in the process.

Nub Filtered: Being kicked or unable to connect to server due to the lack of a custom map.

@ Mike: That strategy has always seemed common to me.

Agree on the tomadox one.
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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby Ramshi on Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:13 pm

What's a meaningful ace?

And yeah you gotta add Ramshi ace, basically ur running out of time to get an ace properly so if ur demo you do the det pack selfkill :D
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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby Caesar on Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:25 am

I would also like to submit lording it: saying brb or semi-afk, proceeding to /disco or go unresponsive for several hours, by which time the pug is over. (bonus points for staying in the server, and commenting on the match while being afk)
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Re: Siege Dictionary 2014 Edition

Postby szycho on Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:34 pm

Not sure why my post didn't show up here.

Put auto defence here, since Colo didn't know that that mean recently
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