Pugkilling is funny and awesome

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Re: Pugkilling is funny and awesome

Postby Blackout on Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:17 pm

Duo wrote:
Blackout wrote:I When you said black===laser I said lol that's not true.

If that's not an attempt to clarify then I'm not sure what is. I can't read the other thread so I have no idea what "cancerous behaviour" you're referring to.

Duo wrote:repeatedly intentionally trying to feed the jan new shields

Killing the jan once and aiming towards the jan on one other occasion isn't repeatedly, it's not like I haven't accidentally or intentionally killed the jan at a bad time in different pugs as other classes or even as chewie.

For you to jump immediately to he must be trolling because he went x class might be right for some people but changing classes / speccing / any other ways to pugkill isn't something that I do.

Duo wrote:so you decided to mess around, rename/make jokes, and throw the game.

This I don't get, I wasn't making any jokes, I renamed to laser after he switched to your team which is something I do quite a lot when people team switch at the end then I wrote stuff like lol I'm bad or something similar and renamed back. As for messing around and throwing the game I wasn't messing around at all I might not have got many kills but I was hitting people and playing siege as I normally do, throwing the game maybe I didn't play well but I'm entitled to not play very well and not be accused of pugkilling, I've played a lot worse at times in the past.
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Re: Pugkilling is funny and awesome

Postby Turky on Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:02 am

So I post about pugkilling weeks ago, and everyone just laughs at me.

But now it's okay to complain about pugkilling, because now "it's gotten bad enough."

I see...

But anyway Blackout, if you really were trolling, then I am obviously disappointed by that. You should know better. The community is fragile enough as it is, it doesn't need your debauchery.

But, if you really were genuinely trying your best that game, then I feel very sorry for you. Because you have a lot to learn.
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