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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:01 am
by Blackout
Admittedly there aren't that many (good) maps available to play on however, insisting on playing the same three maps over and over when they aren't the only maps becomes boring. Since almost everyone has Smod for auto-download (and I think it even works without now?) there is little excuse to not have a map anyway. So I thought I'd make a handy list of maps that are totally playable and feel like a normal siege map.



Duo maps

Nar Shaddaa

Blackout maps

Imperial Base
Eat Shower
Imperial Facility

Xeon Maps

Project Digimon (1.23)*

Mike Maps

Korriguns (I still want to see a proper pug on this)

Other maps that don't feel like a standard siege map but are playable anyway.

Silly Room

* Probably best with 2s/3s.

Apologies if I missed any but the point stands that there are a lot more than 3/4 maps to play. Maps that are particularly underplayed for little reason are KTR2 and Imperial Base, I don't know how many people have played Imperial Facility yet but those who have seemed to like it even if there were a few minor things that have been changed now anyway (codes). I'd have included a Jerk map but I can't think of any that don't have something at least 1 major issue.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:23 pm
by tens0r
Custom maps suck.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 4:31 pm
I totally agree we should play more than 2 or 3 maps.