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Funny Log Conversation

Postby Caesar on Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:09 pm

So, back when we sieged regularly, there was some match where my team played through silly unopposed. I either didn't see the brb or I just didn't care. I don't remember tbh. I had rcon and cpanel to paddy's back then, so after Mag kicked me I just logged into cpanel and watched the drama. I took this segment from the log and saved it. I found it on my old laptop. LOL

335:19 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: LMAO
335:32 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: oh my god
335:35 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: chewis noise
335:37 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: back
335:38 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: back
335:39 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: back
335:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: we giing u hand jibbers
335:46 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: Chewie's noise is second only to Lando's
335:57 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: and no, i can hanle myself just fine
336:01 say: ^1S^2z^3y^4c^5h^6o^7.: night guys
336:01 Kill: 4 2 2: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag killed ^1S^2z^3y^4c^5h^6o^7. by MOD_MELEE
336:01 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: im tickling your bum magyk
336:02 ClientDisconnect: 2
336:03 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: #TERAMSACE
336:04 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: lollol
336:09 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: so what you missed mike:
336:12 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: y
336:12 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: HEY MAGYK! WANNA SEE A COOL PIC!?
336:12 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: HEY KANE! NURSE SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!
336:14 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: that?
336:19 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: the other team ignored us saying mike brb and not live
336:22 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: proceeded to win the map
336:26 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: ceasar said 'lol that was fast'
336:27 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: .....
336:29 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: and then i kicked him for being a wookiee.
336:34 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: and changed the rcon pass.
336:37 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: while i stayed in spawn and used my PEDs.
336:39 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: he had rcon?
336:40 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: lol wut
336:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: yeah
336:45 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: do i have rcon?
336:48 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: anyone that made/makes maps i gave rcon
336:50 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: do i have admin?
336:55 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: /rconpassword charliekelly
336:56 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: is the new one
336:57 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: LMAO
336:58 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: I LOVE IT
337:04 sayteam: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
337:06 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
337:08 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: the last one was /rconpassword password
337:12 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: so moral v?
337:12 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: and the first one was /rconpassword nightman
337:14 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: I did it
337:16 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: now what?
337:16 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: clear moral v
337:19 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: rgr
337:29 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: whatevah
337:30 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: helpusobi 1d charliekelly
337:36 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: you have like
337:37 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: helpusobi 1
337:38 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: full power
337:39 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: lol
337:40 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: thats literally
337:44 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: the only command i remember
337:49 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: that isnt like bind or taunt
337:53 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: D:
338:08 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
338:08 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
338:10 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: ^4FURRY ^7POWAH^1!
338:13 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: I WANT TO NO CLIP
338:29 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: can we talk about
338:29 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: how
338:34 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: I haven't played this game in about
338:35 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: 3 months
338:38 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: and i kicked ass
338:45 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: outside of rusty mistakes like no human shield
338:47 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
338:48 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
338:48 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
338:54 Kill: 1022 6 41: <world> killed ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE by MOD_TRIGGER_HURT
338:55 Kill: 4 4 39: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag killed ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag by MOD_SUICIDE
339:06 Kill: 1022 4 41: <world> killed ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag by MOD_TRIGGER_HURT
339:07 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: ^1SPLAT!
339:21 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: want to make silly_tunnels map
339:27 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: also want to finish other maps
339:33 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: mapper issues
339:47 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
339:56 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY
339:57 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
339:58 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
339:58 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:13 Kill: 1022 6 36: <world> killed ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE by MOD_CRUSH
340:13 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:13 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:13 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:14 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:14 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:14 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:14 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: SHIT
340:25 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: HELP
340:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:44 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: rofl
340:53 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: yay
340:56 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
340:58 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: back to 0?!
341:10 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: on the wings of a snow white angel
341:15 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
341:24 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: brb
341:33 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: so my mighty good friend
341:38 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: what do you say
341:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: to some Terams League
341:47 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: i say
341:49 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: i'm scared
341:52 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: but i am open
341:57 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: my body is ready
342:01 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: oh we're going to tickle your sweet little bu
342:02 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: m
342:12 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: brb
342:15 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: looking for snack
342:31 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: probably should have looked up the default gravity/speed before changing them.
342:32 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: -_-
344:04 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
344:14 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: and yeah, I'd leauge
344:23 Kill: 1022 4 41: <world> killed ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag by MOD_TRIGGER_HURT
344:24 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: does that seem
344:25 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: normal?
344:30 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: or slow?
344:36 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: cant u just reset the server?
344:37 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: can just do /g_speed to see default
344:42 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: methinks
344:47 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: yup
344:54 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: there we go
345:00 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: -?aesr-: gg, hf
345:03 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: <This user is now offline>
345:04 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: BOOM!
345:05 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: what a wookiee
345:06 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
345:07 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
345:07 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
345:11 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: banned from all future pugs i play in
345:13 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
345:22 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: CEASAR IS ASSHOLE. WHY TERAMS HATE?
345:23 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: banned from paddy's
345:23 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: ^4FURRY ^7POWAH^1!
345:36 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: nope
345:40 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: wont stoop to his level and ban him
345:43 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: i realized
345:48 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: but glhf getting full 3s without me playing
345:51 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: that we have the power to ruin this game from someone
345:54 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: lol
345:56 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: just by banning them
345:58 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: man
346:01 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: that's crazy
346:02 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: ^4FURRY ^7POWAH^1!
346:09 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: the Mad King Kane
346:12 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: ^
346:14 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: lol
346:19 Kill: 4 4 42: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag killed ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag by (null)
346:22 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: more like king ray
346:23 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: tensor not withstanding we have done good to not ban anyone
346:25 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: in the last year
346:26 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Mag^5y^7k: gj
346:33 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: as you know i am a fan of smoking dat herb
346:35 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: yeah
346:37 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7Zig^0Zag: ^1THE SUICIDE BOMBER STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!
346:38 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: dastroo
347:02 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: you know who gets high all the time, I bet.
347:06 say: ^0TERAMS^1.^7KANE: and never says anything..
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Re: Funny Log Conversation

Postby Magyk on Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:51 pm

You mean that "pug" where we constantly said "not live" and things like "lol tryhard team playing against no one" as we never left our spawn to play, and then you celebrated as though you won the super bowl and then proceeded to spam victory messages on Xfire for winning a dead pug? Yeah, I remember that.

Dude conveniently leaving out the actual "pug" portion of the chat log where we kept asking "do these guys think the game is live?"
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Re: Funny Log Conversation

Postby Laser on Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:04 am

I didn't read the chat, nor was I in the game, but I do remember the fallout after this :lol:
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Re: Funny Log Conversation

Postby Turquoise Dragon on Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:01 pm

I remember this game attempt. Also remember steeping away to cook some dinner.
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