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2 More Cents

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:12 pm
by MajorMajor
With the election just around the corner its about time I got around to commenting on it. If you aren't voting then please do. Why? The more of us who vote the more likely the collective wisdom of the masses will prevail rather than those of just a select group. Plus its your right and if you don't yews it you risk losing it.

I'll be up front with you all and tell you right off the bat I'm voting for Hillary. Something I swore to myself I'd never do unless Donald Trump was the opposing candidate. Seriously, I said this in a political discussion several months before he decided to run. I was joking but it was oddly prophetic.

I want to make it clear that I am not a Hilary supporter even though I am voting for her. Politically, I think she was a poor choice for a candidate. She has too many scandals in her past and quite a bit of lying. I think she skates by on the letter of the law, without breaking it, bending it like a pretzel. I would have preferred Sanders but I disagree with his push for new entitlement programs when we are already so heavily in debt. So in the primary I voted Republican in the hopes of having a candidate that I could vote for who wasn't Hillary. Unfortunately, my choice came in second to Donald Trump. I'm telling you this to let you all know I'm not averse to voting for a Republican. They just have to be the right Republican.

I think Donald Trump is a horrible person. I also, think Trump supporters who believe he is more trustworthy than Hillary are foolish. He has lied much more than Hillary over the course of this campaign. Even worse is the content of those falsehoods is often meant to be divisive. He has been shown to accept support from racist groups and then quietly denounce them rather than loudly reject them before being asked. Donald Trump lacks transparency. He has refused to be transparent with his tax returns while at the same time decrying Hillary's lack of transparency with her emails.

Donald Trump demeans women and then loudly proclaims that "no one respects women more than" him. Hell, he was even caught on tape bragging about being able to grope them and then saying that afterward when asked about it. Its not just that he lies more than Hillary but that it is completely shameless.

People get tired of political correctness. I think we could do with a little less in places too but it isn't right with me when a lack of political correctness hurts other people. Making fun of a person's disability is outside of not being politically correct and into the territory of being an asshole. As if bragging about sexual snowtrooper doesn't already put him in that territory.

Donald Trump constantly brags about how great he is. He claims to know more than the generals. Hell, he has so many brags about knowing more than anybody else it'd be too many to list here Some people have repeated these to me in support of Trump (practically verbatim I might add).

This is another reason I think some Trump supporters are foolish because some have been fooled. A group of them accepts his claims at face value without Donald providing any supporting evidence. Its a sales tactic. He knows that if he repeats good things about himself enough a certain number of people will believe it, whether its true or not, without any evidence.

I am disappointed in Hillary for resorting to name calling. She was wrong to call Trump supporters deplorables. Trump supporters aren't deplorables. They only support Trump's deplorable behavior by continuing to support him.

Combined all his behavior leads me to believe he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read about it on wikipedia and think about how Donald behaves. He hits a lot of characteristics of the disorder more than the average person.

When I vote I'm not voting for Hillary because I want to support her. I'm voting because of how I think Donald Trump would represent America and the kind of America he might create. Other people, other countries are watching, and when those people meet with Donald at the negotiating table they are going to remember him behaving like a jackass and probably see more of the same. His bragging about being a great negotiator isn't going to help him cut a deal with the guy(woman?) across the table who dislikes him because of his personality or basic character. When we choose someone to represent us we shouldn't want to handicap ourselves going into negotiations. We won't be sending the best with Hillary but we will be sending someone who isn't going to offend an entire country with her tweets.

I worry about the Republican party after this election, win or lose. I want to see a Republican party that pushes to end deficit spending and repay our debt. I want to see a Republican party that goes back to governing by tax policy rather than cutting corporations and the wealthy a break. I want to see a Republican party that is proactive and stands up for minorities by putting forth legislation that protects the rights afforded to all of us in the constitution. I want to see a Republican party that is constructive and will trade for some of what it wants rather than just say no and get nothing done.

I encourage everyone to get out to vote even if I haven't persuaded you. Make a choice as its the only way to effect change.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:23 pm
by schrute
i'm voting for vermin supreme because i want a pony thanks for reading :D

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 6:54 pm
by Caesar
Tl;dr of my 2 cents: I am voting for Donald Trump.

As I read your post major, I cannot help but draw parallels between your ideals and the defamatory attack ads devised by the Clinton Propaganda Ministry. You claim many of Donald's supporters are drawn in by his rhetoric, but as it seems, you have fallen prey that which you decry. From your remarks about the generals to women, I feel as if I am watching an attack ad. Very unoriginal points you tried to make, I might add. It seems painfully apparent, that the majority of your political ideals are derived from what Hillary says. You might take your own advice and "not take what she says at face value."

I understand your position though, as Trump is critically depicted by almost every form of media. Meanwhile, Hillary is portrayed as the knight in shining armor who will heroically lead America to certain victory. Well, newsflash, she won't. As in WILL NOT. I might add, many of the audios/tapes which the media and/or Hillary yews to sully Trump's name are from the 80's. If I cited a paper from the 80's, there is a solid chance it would be regarded as an out-of-date source.

Why does Hillary Feel the need to run 99999 attack ads? Is she compensating for something?

Trump is completely indifferent of public opinion. Hillary on the other hand, seems deeply concerned by public opinion. This is a major +1 for Trump. He does't feel the need to incessantly appease the public. He says it like it is, politically correct or otherwise. People are way too soft; people need to realize words are just words. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you. There isn't a damn thing in this world that Trump or anyone else could say to me that would hurt my feelings.

I know it is unconstitutional, but America needs to implement literacy/poll tests. Half of Hillary's supporters would be barred from voting. There is this weird thing called congress. Trump literally can't do anything without the approval of the house. People don't realize this, hence my argument for poll tests. Clearly, many Americans don't understand the way our government operates. The president is a figurehead more or less. HE cannot do anything without the approval of some other facet of our government. Weird thing called checks and balances. People who believe Trump can just order a wall build SHOULD be deported, for they clearly know nothing of American politics.

Hillary is up to her eyeballs in scandals. I believe many of Trump's scandals are fictitious, inventions of people looking for five minutes of fame. I laughed when Trump was accused of sexual snowtrooper (conveniently) before the election. If someone sexually assaulted me, you better be damned sure I would go to the police immediately. WHY DID HIS ACCUSERS WAIT 30+ YEARS TO ACCUSE HIM? This doesn't add up.

I could go on and on.


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:59 pm
by Blackout
I can't say I'm an expert on the powers of the US president but I'm pretty sure they have the right to veto legislation, command the armed forces and pretty much control foreign affairs. I'd say building the wall probably would be within his power, not that I'm sure.

Since I live in the UK I haven't been subjected to the attack ads or whatever else goes on in the media but I think they're part of pretty much every US election. Any leader should care about public opinion since they are the views of the people they supposedly represent.

You can't pass off every Trump scandal as a conspiracy by the media, some of the things he has said are really awful, not fitting at all of a head of state. Then again Clinton is a terrible candidate, so many people hate her I'm not sure why she was picked. The allegations against Trump may be well timed, that isn't to say they are false, but the renewed e-mail thing is just as bad.

Honestly I couldn't name a single policy from Clinton, this election has been fought entirely on personal attacks and some ridiculous policies and statements made by Trump. If I lived in the US and had a vote I would never vote Republican they're just so far away from my own beliefs but I doubt I'd vote Clinton either, then again the vast majority of the votes don't even matter.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:00 pm
by Blackout
Just to be clear if he did win the election I doubt he'd actually build a wall.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:19 am
by Magyk
Words don't hurt people. Politicians who do a sloppy job on top of their already corrupt behavior hurts people, and as has been shown in some recent cases even kills them.

if bragging about sexual snowtrooper doesn't already put him in that territory.

Sexual snowtrooper ftw

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 3:38 pm
by MajorMajor
Blackout wrote:Any leader should care about public opinion since they are the views of the people they supposedly represent.

Yes, exactly. I can't help but feeling that Caesar's viewpoint that we should applaud a leader who doesn't listen to the people advocates a dictatorship since dictators don't listen to their public either. Its not something one should be proud of.

Blackout wrote:You can't pass off every Trump scandal as a conspiracy by the media, some of the things he has said are really awful, not fitting at all of a head of state. Then again Clinton is a terrible candidate, so many people hate her I'm not sure why she was picked. The allegations against Trump may be well timed, that isn't to say they are false, but the renewed e-mail thing is just as bad.

@Caesar: My dislike of Trump has nothing to do with Hilary's attack ads. I think you were so upset by my own attack on Trump that you missed I voted against him in the Republican Primary.

In jest, I must post:

I was against him well before Hillary even started putting ads about him on the air. The reason being his behavior was bad enough for me to disqualify him even before the stuff that happened post primary. Blackout is exactly right that you can't dismiss everything that the media reports about him as a conspiracy. Especially, since the accusation that its a conspiracy was started by Trump himself. An accusation he doesn't support with facts. Donald Trump is playing on an old Conservative feeling that the media is biased against conservatives and he elevates it to the level of conspiracy in order to deflect attention from the actual stories. I can see you actually believe this but its obvious by how he is using it that it is meant to be a manipulation.

@Blackout: Hillary is a poor candidate. Thats why I abandoned the Democrats this year. Being investigated isn't the same as being charged, it just means they are looking, but I don't think one should ever choose a candidate for public office thats under such scrutiny. Its has allowed for Trump to make a lot of innuendo that there is something there to find. Kind of like Trump's own birther movement and Hillary's expedition to get Donald's tax returns. Odds are, like the birth certificate, nothing illegal would be found but it allows for a lot of crackpot conspiracy theories to emerge.

As far as the sexual snowtrooper.... Image
(I love that one. :D )

I don't put stock in he said/she said accusers. Either person's claims have as much likelihood of being true, without factoring in social status, so they should be disregarded. What matters is evidence. For Donald Trump's poor behavior we have a lot of it. His bragging about groping women is a tape of him in his own words. Him saying what he does or has done. There isn't any doubting what he said unless you are doubting his own trustworthiness.

There is also recording of him in his own words talking about going into a pageant dressing room and ogling a bunch of women undressed. Worse is some of them were underage. So he's essentially admitted to perving on a bunch of young women. And if you don't believe him telling you himself(after all he is a braggart). This recording actually confirms what one of his pageant contestants said he was doing when she was interviewed.

This combined with his horrible, and well document, comments about women, Carly Fiorina's ugly face, Miss piggy the Argentinian beauty contestant, and a number of times he's been caught rating women on a number system as some examples, means treating women like shit is a pattern of behavior for him not a single one off event.

I dislike how the Republican Party has changed. There was a time they'd have excommunicated someone like Donald Trump because he lacked moral standards. In the first tape he even brags about hitting on a married woman. This is the same shit the Republicans have bitched about Bill Clinton doing for years but when push comes to shove the party as a whole seems to have accepted that behavior into its own ranks. I would have hoped Republicans were courting a constituency that stood up for such beliefs but this just makes them look like hypocrites because so many Trump supporters seem to dismiss it like it doesn't even matter.

If you love your mother and/or sister you shouldn't ever vote to elect President Peeper.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:37 pm
by Ramshi
China will love the US if Trump gets elected, they're probably already looking at exploiting the fuck out of you all...pick wisely.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 6:50 pm
by Caesar
Trump has nothing to listen to. I was merely saying that Trump is not perturbed by public opinion. Seeing as how he is not in office (yet), there is no public opinion for him to listen to, aside from the hatred stemming from the hillary supporters.

Again, all the tapes and videos of Trump bashing women are from the 80's or earlier. At any rate, that material is at least 20 years old. As of 2016, there is no record of him boasting about having groped women. I am of the opinion, Trump said such things to appear as the big man on campus. I don't know about your high school/college experience, but every guy lies about the number of women he has been with to appear more promiscuous than he actually is. Considering such statistics are a 'big thing' among guys, I can easily see Trump lying about such matters. Hell, there is even an 'Everybody Loves Raymond' episode about this. I don't know about you, but when I was in HS and even now as a collegiate student, my friends and I still watch the hot girl walk by and say stupid shit. If you never did this you are very different from 99.99% of the male population. It is like a phase. Most people grow out of it after they realize the quote unquote good girls are marriage material. I am still working on that fact myself, but this argument is about Trump, not I. Seeing as how he is a multi-billion dollar man, I can easily see him bluffing to appease his Id.

Everyone changes. There is a solid chance Donald is just putting on airs to appear more macho than he is. There is also a solid chance that he has outgrown the HS/collegiate obsession with rating women. Seeing as how he was rich from a young age, this may have taken considerably longer, as all rich folk feel invincible within the confines of their money.

Hilary is a lying bitch. Nothing can be said in her defense.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:15 pm
by schrute