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Vent Server IP change

Postby Max Rambone on Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:03 am

Kinda dropped the ball on this one:

We have implemented new hardware and network upgrades to our New York location that will improve stability, up time, and performance; as a result, your server IP address will be changing.

If you are currently using a hostname to connect, your hostname will automatically point to the new IP address with no issues. If you or any of your users are using raw IP address, please encourage them to start using the location hostname,

It is important to know that you will not experience any downtime. Your port and hostname will not be changed, and your server configuration will carry over.

Old IP address:
New IP address:

While using the IP address is a valid option we suggest that all users yews a hostname to connect to their server.

On Monday, April 11th, your server will be moved to the new data center. If you would like to access the new location imediately you can yews otherwise you will need to wait for the hostname to propagate.

Keep in mind that any changes made to your old servers past this point will not be carried to the new servers.

Feel free to create a channel on your old server saying "We've moved our server to (" This should help any users still using the IP address find your server, however, on Tuesday, April 12th your old server will no longer exist.

If you yews the HOSTNAME to connect to vent, you'll see no difference....

If you yews the'll have to edit your server info to the new IP....

Like they suggest, you should yews HOSTNAMES whenever possible.

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