Some of my favorites.

Old forums and stuff.

Some of my favorites.

Postby Magyk on Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:36 pm

Guardian hating retirement threads, throughout the ages:

Magyk wrote:
GUARD!AN wrote:goddamn these thread titles...laser you almost made me cry :(

GUARD!AN wrote:for fucks sake, omg


GUARD!AN wrote:ffs

GUARD!AN wrote:
dadeus wrote:
Magyk wrote:...For a week.

Be back sometime next 7-10 days.

Must be that young people humor Tensor was talking about.

Yeah UJ used to do it all the time too, made your heart sink everytime.


(Personal Favorite:)
GUARD!AN wrote:f u

GUARD!AN wrote:oh what the fuck, STOP. I HATE YOU goddamnit

Probably the best line of dialogue in Siege History:

[16:32] Ceasar: hey man, whats this video everyone tells me to watch?

Some other good Ceasar stupidity:

[18:38] Ceasar: i get my drivers license in one month so ill be able to pik up pizza BY MY SELF

[17:37] Magyk: get map
[17:37] Ceasar: already have 3in base
[17:38] Magyk: move one
[17:38] Ceasar: WHERE?

[21:10] Ceasar: where maps
[21:10] Magyk:
[21:10] Magyk: big ass maps button left side of page
[21:11] Magyk: left hand is the one with the thumb facing you.
[21:11] Ceasar: hmmm

[18:01] Ceasar: finally
[18:01] Ceasar: after like 4months can i post pic on forums

[11:58] Ceasar: Archi's middle name is TOR
[11:59] Magyk: whats his last name? O.o
[11:59] Ceasar: Republic
[11:59] Magyk: Archi The Old Republic Republic?
[11:59] Ceasar: yep

[20:07] Ceasar: i cant find my base folder which is why i wasnt at h3h /:

Duo wrote:
Roflraptor wrote:
GUARD!AN wrote:

Also, to the sieger who texted my RL cell phone about this...never do that again. I was visiting my girlfriend, and thus didn't really give two shits about this while I was on vacation.

Don't worry, we've dealt with this menace. We have made it abundantly clear that he should only ever contact your in game cell phone.

Greatest post in the history of this forum.

Also, I'd like to submit, off the top of my head:

Siege Dictionary
JKA Memes Thread
Siege Timeline Thread
Magyk vs. Turkey Rage Thread
Magyk vs. Laser Rage Thread
Magyk vs. Laser Rage Thread II
Magyk vs. CHEW Rage Thread
Flyer vs. Siege Community Rage Thread
Exar vs. Zombie Players Rage Thread
A Nub Is In Ur Forums Rage Quit Thread (Does this still exist?)
Duo Rage Quitting Siege Thread
Do Not Talk About Bombing Places Please Thread
Probably every thread where I've had to post the gay wrestler picture.

I'll link to some of this stuff later.

Also, I'm fairly certain I have some really good "Ramshi saying stupid shit" material somewhere.
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Re: Some of my favorites.

Postby Laser on Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:03 pm

Chew gangbang
ADvanced minespam
Lord's calibre system
Archi's sublime thread
Helaku (yoda) counting his posts and tensor taking the bait every time
Less QQ more Pew Pew
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Re: Some of my favorites.

Postby schrute on Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:04 pm

attn: europe
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Re: Some of my favorites.

Postby Turquoise Dragon on Sat Oct 10, 2015 8:04 pm

Magyk wrote:Probably every thread where I've had to post the gay wrestler picture.

Even more so since I usually did a dragon (etc.) pic in response :lol:
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